Tools for aluminum casting and injection molding

 01-formy In the production of molds for aluminum and plastics parts, we are limited by the size of our Spotting press 1.500x2.000x1500mm and by the bearing force of our crane (20Tons).

Our designers work with the systems CATIA V5, SOLID WORKS and SIEMENS NX. The competences of our design for injection molding are conceptually regulated into the 2K systems. We are able to design, calculate and realize complicated cooling systems with the DMLS technology (Direct Metal Laser Sintering), which are suitable for aluminum die casting or the sintering of individual plates. Those are offered by the company GWK and are suitable just for a couple of components of the injection molds.

We are specialized on the vacuuming of molds with help of complex valve technology from Swiss company VDS, but also other standard possibilities of ventilations.

Tool repairs are made with 3D-scanns of shapes and we use all technologies according to the kind of welded material, including laser.

We prefer materials of the German supplier Kind & Co., but we also cooperate with all other European suppliers. The heat-treatment is almost every time made by the company Bodycote.