NAFO Strakonice Ltd

The NAFO Strakonice s.r.o. was found in 1992 as a member of the CAG-Holding, which is owned and led by Dr. Cornelius Grupp. Other companies and groups of the CAG-Holding are:

  • Tubex
  • Neuman Aluminium
  • Prefa
  • Stölzle Oberglass
  • Glanzstoff

At the beginning of 2016 there was an acquisition and a related change in the ownership of the company. NAFO Strakonice ltd. became through a MBO a majority ownership of its long-standing CEO, Václav Huta.

A copartner of the company is a traditional Austrian supplier in the field of drive technology. It is the company “Indukont” which is led by Mr. Wolfgang Theimer and Mr. Dietmar Pacher which offer couplings and disc brakes for industrial applications.

Since the foundation of NAFO, we have specialized in the production of casting tools for aluminum foundries and the production of individual and small-scale parts. Another very important expansion of our production was the inception of the production of injection molds for plastics in 1995. (The credo of our company is always to enlarge our production portfolio in which we had very big gains in the last months.)

The credo of our company is the continual growth of our production portfolio, and we have been able to achieve a significant upturn in recent months.

It is mainly the experience and commitment of our employees who enabled us to become a leading supplier as in the Czech Republic, so in the whole world with the following services:

  • production of molds for high pressure aluminum die casting
  • Production of injection molds for plastics parts 1+2K
  • Production of prototype molds
  • Production of high precision parts in single and small-scale
  • Production of controlling and measuring tools
  • Production of fixtures for machining
  • Production of progressive and transfer tools
  • Production of tools for hot and cold forming
  • All kinds of CNC machining of metallurgic semi-finished products:
     Metal plates, profiles and tubes, including laser cutting, bending, painting and finishing
     various surface finishes

We hold the position as one of the leading suppliers of our field with constant investments in trainings and seminaries for our employees and renewals of our technology in accord with the claims of an economically effective production.

The long-term cooperation with our partners and customers which is based on an honest and precise production in connection with the newest production trends, development and the search of the new technology standards, regular production reporting as well as mainly the delivery on time and a high level of quality are in the first place.

We appreciate the cooperation with our customers a lot and give everything we can to prove it.