The production of exact single and small series parts

 02-presne-maloseriove The tradition of the production of individual and small-scale parts reaches to our roots.

Due to the fact of lack of quality standard parts, we started early to produce them ourselves and we have equipped our machines accordingly as well.

The internally weak use of these machines soon led us to offer these production to external customers.

Our team of highly experienced employees has quickly found its customers, with whom we are still cooperating to the present day.

We offer production in the following dimensions (mm):

Turning: ø720 x 1.400
Cylindrical grinding: ø280 x 800
Surface grinding: 1.000 x 520 x 400
Coordinate grinding:  400 x 250 x 450
Milling: 1.400 x 650 x 675
Deep-hole drilling: 2.500 x 1.650 x 1.550
EDM machining: 790 x 590 x 500
Wire cutting: 400 x 600 x 410

For ground and eroded parts we are able to work in tolerances up to 2 µm.